Personal Finance Simplified 
Are you interested in getting educated on personal finance without all the strings attached?
Make plans to attend one of our upcoming workshops presented by F³E, a non-profit educational organization. Come ready to learn about the issues you will face in retirement and how you can be better prepared for success.  
We offer four different workshops that cover different material:
Retirement Headwinds 
1hr class
Topics covered: 
-Taxes & Retirement
-Income in Retirement 
-Designing a Successful Plan
Plan for Success in Retirement 
1hr class
Topics covered: 
-Social Security
-Taxes & Retirement
-Stage of Life Investing 
-Pitfalls to Avoid
Taxes in Retirement 
1hr class
Topics covered:
-Recent tax law changes and how they impact you
-Roth conversions
-Future taxes
Success in the New Retirement  
2 night / 2 hrs each night
Topics covered:
In depth class on the challenges you will face in retirement and how to succeed
Acute Wealth Advisors  &   F3E 
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